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2014 Entomology Spring Picnic

Organized by the Graduate students in the department. If you find the colors different, this is because it was done by a "converted" camera which records full-spectrum (ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared). But UV is much lower than other lights and also most lenses will block UV, so these images are really VIS+IR.

You will notice trees and grass will be very bright. Most photos taken with one set of white balance that looks more normal. I also tried another one (probably set for regular light), that records all images in a reddish tone. These images usually need to be "channel-swapped" to look more pleasing.

Some photos are not as sharp due an focusing issue. The converted camera had trouble focusing with the kit lens.

Zachary Huang, uploaded May 3, 2014. 7:48 pm.

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